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13 August 2008 @ 12:13 pm
[Mod Post] New Layout  
Hey guys~ This is your new comm moderator here (yo! we need more entries, ne?). I've been playing around, trying to make things look a bit nicer~ The layout you're seeing now was made at abouquetofroses and I made the header last night~ (I kinda couldn't keep the header since it was a JaeSu header... XD it took me forever to find good pictures of Heechul~!) But, I hope you guys like it... ^^ I'll keep the profile simple when I play with PS later~ For now, that's it~! Hope to see more entries~~~ Keep this pairing alive, k? ^^
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heyy13heyy13 on August 30th, 2008 12:40 am (UTC)
Once you've read these replies i'll be deleting them. So just tell me when.

By the way i realise it's not your fault and i don't hold you accountable for those actions.
lala (riri and mimi!): jrockevilk4lovelessending on August 30th, 2008 01:20 am (UTC)
I kinda understand why you would be mad, but what I don't understand is the reason this would warrant such a hissy fit. I understand that this is your comm, but it seemed like you weren't upkeeping it. Heather needed help because she didn't know how to make the layout nice, and she wanted my help. We felt that if the layout was nicer, the overall quality would be better, and the comm would flourish better.

By kicking out Heather, the sole reason I even joined, you've also taken away any motivation to stay here. I apologize for all of this, and if you'd like, you can keep the banner. To be honest, Heather and I won't be coming back because of this. You can delete this post and kick me out~ I again apologize, but you'll have to do this comm by yourself. (sorry, if that sounded mean, i'm only trying to be straight and to the point)
heyy13heyy13 on August 30th, 2008 01:54 am (UTC)
You missunderstand me! I havn't removed her from the comm simply her mod position for the moment.

Please read all of this, even though your upset with me.

I've calmed down alot so now i can type a coherant reply i'm explain.

This isn't a very good introduction to me and i apolagise for the cercumstances i'm not normally like this (i'm normally fun and spazzy 8D) but i'll explain my reasoning.

To be honest both of us were neglecting the comm, not just me and not just her. It's allways been pretty dead and we've both posted things in an effort to get it to take off but neither of us has put enough singular effort into it to get it to do so.

But the issue It comes down to lack of communication coupled with inital overreaction on my part.

To me, adding another mod is a joint decision made between all current mods. This has allways been my baby and heather and i were really great friends for the twoish years i was her muse and she helped me with all sorts of things. Likewise i like to think that i helped her aswell.

I lost my computer and was unable to get on the comm for a long time, but still poped in once in a while to see how things were going.

I came in at midnight last night to post someone i'd done back in march but hadn't be able to scan untill last night only to find that heather who hadn't posted in the comm since early september last year was welcoming a new mod to the comm on behalf of herself and me.

I was shocked! Noone had contacted me about any mod and she was useing my name as if i'd known all along. I checked the date stamp and realised it was from three weeks ago.

It's been three weeks and she hadn't bothered to contact me to either ask, or even notify me that we had a new mod? If she had even dropped a line saying "hey heyy/snoogle/kathleen i've invited one of my friends to be a mod in heechul to help with the layout" i would have been completely fine.

But to arrive and discover that a new mod had been added without anyone telling me. I was sad that noone though to tell me but overall not that upset. I left a sad message as you saw and went to bed.

In the morning i reread everything and for some reason a part of me saw it as a betrayal. That she didn't think i was even worth contacting and was deplacing me. I felt as if she'd sold the ground from under me. Like turning up to work only to find they'd fired you & hired someone else to do your job without even telling you.

So i got really angry and betrayed. Posted how i was feeling at the time (which probably wasn't a good idea untill i'd calmed down) and then contacted heather only to be told that "she didn't have the time to tell me". Which took me back to "i'm not worth telling" loop, and the justification that if she'd had the time to post a welcome to the forum for you she couldn't have spend 2mins typing an email to me. I felt increadibly betrayed and for somereason that made me blindingly angry.


I realise now that it was not malicious and i apolagise for the bad first impression you've gotten of me.

If your not interested in modding the comm and helping out that's up to you. Wether i reinstate heather or not is up to her. She simply needs to drop me a line to tell me what she prefers.

I think this was a mistake on both our parts and i'm sorry if i've ruined your jaechul experiance because of it. : )